Grace Gospel Publishers
Denver, Colorado

Standing Firm

Grace Gospel Publishers is organized for the sole purpose of publishing, printing and distributing literature setting forth the distinctive Pauline revelation and the Word Of God rightly divided. To this task, we are completely dedicated.

It is our firm conviction that the religious confusion, so prevalent in our day, can only be dispelled by a sound, sane, Scriptural presentation of the Gospel of Grace. Never has the need been greater.

While current theological trends call for a re-thinking of Scripture verities, Grace Gospel Publishers is committed to an unqualified, uncompromising stand for "preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Mystery" (Romans 16:25)

The Printed Page

Some of the many reasons that literature and the printed page are so effective:

* It is the easiest way to approach a person
* It needs no public meeting place and can go anywhere.
* It is always faithful and can speak on any subject.
* It is economical.
* It is not overcome by fear, opposition or weariness.
* It can be studied in private and receive individual attention.
* It is backed by the prayers of the publisher & distributor.
* It remains to minister to hearts over & over again.

At Grace Gospel Publishers we consider all of our Gospel, dispensational and children's literature to be MISSIONARIES AT LARGE.

Although Grace Gospel Publishers was established in 1961, this October 2017 marked TEN YEARS since the origination of this website.  We hope it has been a blessing to you in furthering the ministry of the Grace of God as revealed by our resurrected, ascended and glorified Lord Jesus Christ to and through the Apostle Paul.

Our grateful appreciation to Peter Landowski who created the site and continues to watch over it---including making the dates of "Amazing Grace Favorites (the new book)" available for the entire year.  - GGP